Deploy Customised
Smart Accounts

Leverage the Biconomy Smart Accounts Platform to endlessly add UX capability by easily & securely pluggin-in programmable modules.

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For dApps

Embed ERC4337 Smart Accounts directly into your application.


For Wallets

Delegate the ERC4337 wallet infra so you focus on building the best wallet.


For L2s/Appchains

Add ERC4337 capability to your network so dApps & wallets can leverage AA.

Why Biconomy Smart Account?

ERC-4337 compliant

Powered by account abstraction, Biconomy Smart Accounts work seamlessly with any Paymaster & Bundler.


Already supports many customizable modules that unlock powerful features, while new modules are continuously added.

Easily Upgradable

Our implementation uses minimal smart account storage. Thus, accounts can be upgraded securely, easily & reliably to get new features.

Secure Delegation

Biconomy Smart Accounts are designed to have 'authorised parties'. This makes it easy to delegate & automate authorisation for certain actions


Easy to customise the smart account implementation & plug-in modules to suit your user journey.

Add Modules to unlock capabilities


Choose from a range of modules that unlock unique features.


Easily plug them in with minimum dev effort.


Endlessly customise them to suit your and your users' needs

Web3 Account Abstraction Infra Section
Add your web3 wallet

Simplify onboarding
& authorisation

Simplify onboarding for any user - non-crypto natives or degens. Easily enable any type of authorisation that makes your UX both easy to use & secure.

Reduce wallet pop-ups with session keys

Define a set of rules or duration wherein you get cryptographically secure permissions to perform actions on behalf of users. Thus, your users just sign once & avoid unnecessary pop-ups whilst maintaining simplicity and security.

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Automate transactions
for users

Easily create parameters to automate certain actions & securely execute them on behalf of your users.

Module Store

There are many more modules in the pipeline such as account recovery! Going forward, we envision a module store! The builder community will constantly innovate to create new modules. Which will unlock new use cases. And dApps developers can choose from a huge range of available modules.

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Available on all EVMS

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Utilise the full Biconomy stack

Session Keys Module

Social Login Module

Batched txns Module

Passkey Module

Vast range of modules ...

Modular Smart Accounts

Paymasters as a service

Bundlers as a service

Modular Smart Accounts

Deploy ERC4337 compliant smart contract wallets with support for plug-in modules

Paymasters as a service

Abstract gas complexities by sponsoring gas or allowing gas payment in any token

Bundlers as a service

Execute ERC4337 transactions at scale with high gas efficiency