Execute ERC4337 UserOps at scale

Leverage our Bundler API to execute your smart account transactions

Auto-scaling to meet any demand

Our bundler infrastructure is designed to automatically scale up or down as per your dApp traffic. This way, even at times of sudden spikes we ensure no transaction gets dropped. There’s nothing worse than unhappy users when their transactions fail or take too long.

Why Biconomy Bundler as a service?

Gas Efficient

Our Bundlers estimate the best gas prices to ensure gas efficiency. This minimises the gas spent by you or your users.

Guaranteed Transaction Finality

Even though the Entrypoint design doesn't ensure a UserOp will be executed, our Bundler ensures any UserOp we accept will be executed. Even in cases of network congestion & high gas spikes.

Accurate ERC4337 Gas Estimates

We deploy multiple strategies to estimate accurate gas prices to build a UserOp on all supported networks. This ensures high transaction success rate with minimal gas usage.

Debug your UserOps

We use run precise simulation to catch any issue in your UserOp. Thus, you can resolve them before going live and avoid failed transactions post deployment.

Available on all EVMS

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Utilise the full Biconomy stack

Session Keys Module

Social Login Module

Batched txns Module

Passkey Module

Vast range of modules ...

Modular Smart Accounts

Paymasters as a service

Bundlers as a service

Modular Smart Accounts

Deploy ERC4337 compliant smart contract wallets with support for plug-in modules

Paymasters as a service

Abstract gas complexities by sponsoring gas or allowing gas payment in any token

Bundlers as a service

Execute ERC4337 transactions at scale with high gas efficiency